Don't know what happened to my original rules thread, but it's gone. I'll post another one for reference.

1. No swearing, cussing, etc directly at another poster. This only leads to one thing and that's a flame war. No place for that here. That leads to...

2. No flaming. People will disagree, that's what a discussion/message board is all about. But if you disagree with someone it doesn't mean you can call them names, curse, etc.

3. No spamming other forums/websites. Yes I did kind of break my own rule in the other sticky, but that was for strictly emergency purposes.

4. No teasing the moderator for wearing a Clippers jersey (inside joke for the regulars)

You get one warning. I'll make the warning clear and obvious. I might even edit your post for you, but you'll know. If you don't abide by the warning, the I forward the situation to Ryan Bonini of KFFL. He makes the final call on if you get banned, temporarily or permanently.

That's about it. Everyone knows I'm a fair guy, I've only had to report one person to Ryan and I'd like to keep it that way.