1) If you're looking to join a league or you have a league and you're looking to fill it, we now have a specific forum for that. Please make use of that forum.

2) KFFL makes no guarantees on any leagues advertised here in the forums. Gambling is illegal and KFFL doesn't endorse it. Join at your own risk. Don't expect the KFFL staff to help you get money you won in a league you found here.

3) You get one post and one courtesy bump on a subject, that's it. I don't want to see 5 threads about your potential trade or your roster, I don't want to see you bumping the same thread six times a day either. This is a good way to piss me and the other people here off.

4) We have a generally accepted format for asking advice for roster moves specific to your league. If you're thinking about a trade or making a certain draft pick, you've gotta tell us a few things. We need your roster, or at least the important players pertaining to the trade or pickup. We need your scoring system. This is HUGE. Scoring systems can drastically affect a player's value. Tiki Barber was a top 5 back in leagues that give one point per reception last year. If you don't give the details needed, don't expect a lot of responses. Most people here won't tell you that you didn't give enough info, they'll just ignore your post.

5) You get what you give here. If you're a newbie here don't expect a lot of responses to your post. Most people here are friendly and outgoing, but this forum gets a lot of new posters this time of year who make posts asking advice and then disapper forever. If you're contributing you'll hopefully get a few responses. Don't expect the same number of responses if you're new as if you've been here for a few years. It's just how it goes.

6) They're allowed, but "Rate my team" and "Who should I start" posts aren't always very appreciated here. Especially because they tend to be abused. In late August there are close to 100 "Rate my team" posts a week. Most of the time it's just someone asking for a pat on the back. If you have to post your new roster try to make it a little constructive. Ask for suggestions on how to improve your roster. Please don't post every roster you have in all 6 of your leagues. Same story with "Who should I start" (WSIS) posts. One a week per poster. If you have two questions in two leagues, keep them under one thread. Furthermore, if you get a few quality responses to your thread, that's usually all it takes to sum things up. We often aren't ignoring you, there's just nothing else to say. Don't bump a thread if you've received a few quality responses.

7)There will be NO posting of url's to sites that compete with KFFL! That means that if you're associated with a website that's trying to sell or make money off of fantasy football content, go away.