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    Trouble in Pakistan

    It seems that pro-Army political parties are trying to stage a coup.
    APF doesn't come in screaming at others about how stupid they are. APF doesn't spam NST with the same tired topic 30 times a month. APF doesn't link to some kook in his mom's basement telling you how to, "Be afraid. Be very afraid" of the world falling down around you. And, when APF is proven wrong, he acknowledges he made a mistake and moves on, rather than harping about "sheeple."

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndromedaPatFan View Post

    It seems that pro-Army political parties are trying to stage a coup.
    We'll add Pakistan to the lengthy list of countries that we should leave alone, but instead will sanction, bomb or invade. Fortunately there is a waiting list, so Pakistan is like #14 from having their ticket called.
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    I think the Army contingent is the most secular group in Pakinstan. So it may be for the best.
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