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    Quote Originally Posted by ThankGod4Walsh View Post
    Yeah, I saw that like 2 weeks ago.

    My respect for you has gone to zero. And this thread has accounted for nearly all of it.
    Wow, I'm not sure I've ever seen a bigger whiny little baby than you... or at least your internet personality. I'm sure in real life you're much less of a pathetic douche.

    My respect for GManiac just got a serious +1, and this thread has a everything to do with it.
    "What's so funny about peace , love and understanding?" - Elvis Costello

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gmaniac View Post
    Ok, TG4W. So be it.
    He's a CELEBRITY, you know... He doesn't need your approval. You should just be happy that he decided to acknowledge you in some way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KickSave View Post
    I'm sure in real life you're much less of a pathetic douche.
    You infer this from his claims that in real life he has a job, that nobody has yet murdered him, and so on?

    Good point. Carry on.
    APF doesn't come in screaming at others about how stupid they are. APF doesn't spam NST with the same tired topic 30 times a month. APF doesn't link to some kook in his mom's basement telling you how to, "Be afraid. Be very afraid" of the world falling down around you. And, when APF is proven wrong, he acknowledges he made a mistake and moves on, rather than harping about "sheeple."

    -- Cory Bonini

    Welchie summarized

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