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    Kffl Vikings user group 2014

    Vikings Forum,

    With the glitch we had this afternoon that made it seem that the forums were going away made me realize that we need to do a forum role call so we can keep thing together in case they go away. I have created a Facebook page called KFFL Vikings Forum. I need a Facebook member to volunteer their Facebook login in to get it up and running

    Post here and I'll get it up and running....
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    What about that site as referenced in NST?

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    I don't do Facebook, but I am still here. Not a lot happening so far this preseason. Cassell very likely to start. Team will be mediocre. Hope the D is improved (no where to go but up.)


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    What the heck happened? I am out the country for about three months during the "quite time" for the NFL and dear old KFFL is sold to USA Today which has no idea what made this site worth coming to every day. It took me forever to find my way back here since USA Today hijacked the old site and changed everything. Admittedly, though I am computer literate, I am not as well schooled on computers as many of you may be. I am here though.

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    We have a large number of Viking fans and try to keep things relatively civil (compared to other forums) here:

    It's not as close knit as KFFL but if you're looking to talk football on an active forum, check it out.

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