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    Rizzo for Sale......Can my ERA/WHIP be salvaged?

    12 man redraft 5x5

    I am 1st or 2nd in every offensive category

    I am 10th in wins, 10 in WHIP and 11th in ERA

    My ERA is 3.92 and 4th is 3.418 so.....
    My WHIP is 1.2463 and 4th is 1.878

    Will my SP come on late or do I need to deal now

    I give Rizzo and get Sale (Should I target another SP instead??)

    C- Montero
    1B- Rizzo
    2B- Altuve
    3B- Miggy
    SS- Alcantara
    MI- Gennet
    OF- Bautista
    OF- Heyward
    OF- Cargo
    OF- Calhoun
    OF- K Davis
    U- Granderson

    P- Price
    P- Iwakuma
    P- Verlander
    P- Kennedy
    P -Ventura
    P- Arrieta
    RP- Britton
    RP- Doolittle
    RP- Rosenthal

    Reserve- McCarthy, Hahn, Kennedy, Mejia

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    What are your IP already? Do you have a max innings? Where are you in K and W?

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    Seems like a pretty big gap to expect one guy to overcome and rate stats are much harder to make up ground on than counting stats...i.e., even with Sale you're still gonna need the rest of your guys to step it up, so it might not be worth weakening your offense.
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    No max IP limit

    I ended up trading Calhoun, Mejia for DeGrom and Kluber

    I thought I stole some SP and my other guys act right I think I can get my current 3.899 and 1.212 down a bit

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