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Britain and the US have conquered the territory. Make no mistake about it.

The only conquest the Jews have made in Israel has been on the backs of the west.

The primary issue here has been, and always will be, the west's favoritism toward the Jews in the conflict.
Multiple Arab nations joined forces with the Palestinians to declare war on Israel and forcibly remove the Jews from the region. Are you suggesting that a country the size of, and with the population of, Israel should be able to defend itself in multiple wars from attacks by multiple surrounding countries?

Why exactly do you have an issue with Britain or the U.S. (mostly indirectly) aiding Israel in the 3 wars it fought, but you don't seem to have any issue with Egypt, Jordan, Syria, etc. supplying direct aid (i.e. fighting forces) to the Palestinians? The Arabs largely used Soviet weapons, and in the Six-Day war, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia also provided weapons and aircraft to the Arabs.

So how is the "primary issue" the west's "favoritism" towards Jews. Why isn't the issue the multiple wars that multiple Arab nations started and lost? How many Arab nations attacking Israel without the west's support would be proper in your mind?