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Thread: The Leftovers

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    Quote Originally Posted by CalgaryHawkFan View Post
    Yep, I agree - the backtrack was really well done. Really showed the difference in people's lives. I still don't think they're ever going to give us 'answers' as such. Why, how, those kind of answers...

    I've been wrong before though.

    I LOVED how such little things become big things in the life 'before.' Quitting smoking, is this all there is to my life, that kind of stuff. Afterwards of course that all pales.
    Yeah, it wasn't that I wanted the show to hold my hand or walk me through every aspect of the characters lives pre-disappearance with my earlier complaints in the thread. Its nice though, whether right or wrong in my opinion, to get a sense of who these people were before the event as to form an opinion of the characters. I can understand now, least I think I can, why Nora, Laurie, Matt, and Jill are so nihilistic, gloomy or angry and hurt etc. Or the change in Patty from seemingly downtrodden and beaten down house frau to hard as nails, no nonsense leader of the Guilty Remnant. Or Kevin who pretty much just seems like he was an ass0 both pre and post disappearance, but being able to understand and relate to his is this all there is to life unhappiness and questioning. And like you say, how after a major and tragic event it puts into perspective how small all the sh*t we once thought were major things in life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Breed View Post
    What? So no one, but me is watching anymore?

    Vin? BPM? CHF? Nas? Fan?...................Anyone?
    I didn't get a chance to watch it until last night, very good episode and needed for the plot. Very interested to see what happens next week.
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