Looking back on what we have discussed, this is what I have come up with...

4 hour clock. You will be skipped if you go over until you get back. Please send proxies!!!!!

Clock runs from 9am - midnight EST every day (including weekends).

Draft 35 players. Loose restrictions on where a player can play. An OT can play RT or LT. A DT can play NT or DT or DE on a 3-4, and so on. Since this will be judged by voting, you may need to argue any stretches that you come up with, so be prepared.

Draft order...

1. Snake Eyes
2. Underdog
3. Dilbert
4. Dre
5. Spankov
6. Yellowknifer
7. Femurov
8. Bhamita15
9. Patsfan
10. Xulu Bak