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    Mayocks Clausen evaluation

    If he can show that he has learned a little humility over the last few years, he might be a good #2.
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    After seeing Clausen spend some time in the NFL we have a larger body of work with. That body of work does not support Mayock's pre-draft assessment that he's a top 10 talent. For our sake I hope Clausen becomes that top 10 talent but I'm not holding my breath.
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    I thought he was overrated in that draft. That said, he obviously had some talent at least. Hopefully Trestman can develop him into a competent qb. First because history shows we will probably need it at some point this season. Second because if he does he might really solidly his reputation as a guy that can rebuild qb careers and we might get more interest from talented backups.

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    Mayock tends to overrate ND prospects in the draft IMO, because he's ND's color analyst on NBC. I wouldn't take his evaluations very seriously with respect to ND prospects - he always seems a little biased to me.
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    Move along. Nothing to see here.
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