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    Maybe someone simply dropped the ball in making the reservation. Who knows.

    But if they really want ratings and fan base activity, they really should make at least the 1st round on a weekend, so people can throw parties and tune in.

    Sat - 1st round (Radio city hall)
    Sun - 2nd/3rd round (in a chosen NFL Stadium) ie, reg SUN games
    Mon - 4th - 7th (in a chosen NFL Stadium) ie, MNF

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    Ratings during the middle of the day on Saturday aren't as important as ratings during primetime during the week. It's about getting good primetime ratings in May sweeps so they can increase the rates they can charge companies that want to run commercials during the draft. Increasing this helps ESPN which increases the rights fees when they negotiate with ESPN for the new contract.

    Now what the NFL's motivation is for running the draft on its own network and competing with its own broadcast partner, I couldn't tell you.

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