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    On-Site Mock

    Recently finished up DC's on-site annual mock draft. Wasn't going to bother posting anything, since I've been busy, but....old habits die hard.

    Synopsis of my "angle" going into the draft:

    I feel that the team is getting old as hell on the defensive side of the ball, and has serious, immediate needs at both levels(front seven and back four). Just about any position on the D could have picks spent on it and it probably wouldn't be a waste. LB depth is a half step from totally horrid right now, CB is(as everyone knows) an issue as is depth behind the starters at S, and the team probably has one-and-a-half legit starters for the DL between all of the players currently rostered.

    On offense a 'deep ball" or "red zone" type WR is a need(preferably a player that could be both), but depth at TE and RB is also something that shouldn't be written off as "a-okay" either. Surprisingly, OL may be a position that can wait to be addressed until day three this year, if at all.

    With that all in mind....

    TL:DR Version:
    1.15- Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan St.
    2.46- Allen Robinson, WR, Penn St.
    3.97- DaQuan Jones, DL, Penn St.
    4.118- Justin Ellis, NG, La. Tech
    5.157- Morgan Breslin, OLB, Southern California
    5.173- Ethan Westbrooks, OLB, West Texas A&M
    6.192- Ross Cockrell, CB, Duke
    6.215- LaDarius Perkins, RB, Mississippi St.
    7.230- Brock Coyle, ILB, Montana

    UDRFAs(first come, first served to get 5 players. After 24-hrs another 5 were picked up FCFS):
    Devon Kennard, USC, LB
    Senorise Perry, Louisville, RB
    Zach Fulton, Tennessee, OG
    Mo Alexander, Utah St., S
    Blake Annen, Cincinnati, TE

    Garrett Gilbert, SMU, QB
    Derrell Johnson, ECU, LB
    Benny Fowler, Michigan St., WR
    Charles Siddoway, Mississippi St., OL
    Charles Sawyer, Ole Miss, DB

    Diarrhea of Fingers Version
    1.15- Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan St.: After Justin Gilbert and Mike Evans were selected #10 and #11 I pretty much zeroed in on the next few guys on my board: Dennard, Martin, Shazier, Verrett and Fuller.

    Out of that list, the only guys I thought were truly worth the 15 were DD, Martin and Shazier. I couldn't justify the OT and liked Shazier more 8-10 spots later. Explored dealing down with no takers. Decided to just take the guy that apparently the FO has a shine for, and who is a good fit for the scheme. The Steelers need to get more playmakers in the secondary and it's hard to deny that Dennard is one.

    2.46- Allen Robinson, WR, Penn St.:With many good WR prospects in this draft I expected at least one of them to tumble to Pittsburgh in the second. Lucky for me, it was the guy I liked best for what they're angling for after the Watkins/Evans duo. Between Evans and Robinson the following WRs were drafted: Beckham, Lee, Cooks, Benjamin. I'd have taken Robinson over all of them except perhaps Cooks.

    Robinson has been talked up/down/around on the forum already, so I'll keep it brief: He's a tall, smooth athlete with great body control, good hands, "my ball" mentality and ran the full route tree in a pro-style offense. He's excellent after the catch, faster than you'd think, and is absolutely a vertical and red zone threat.

    3.97- DaQuan Jones, DL, Penn St.:As I mentioned up top, the Steelers defensive line is, well.....bad. Heyward really turned it on the second half of '13, which is great, but beyond him it's just "eeeeesh." Steve McClendon is miscast as anything other than an interior penetrator, in my mind. As a straight NG he is someone to upgrade upon. Cam Thomas, who they claim they intend to use as a 5-tech, is a big body, but he's been more sizzle than steak in his career. Behind those guys there is basically no depth. The underwhelming Ziggy Hood was allowed to walk and the ancient Brett Keisel is currently a street free-agent. Before signing Thomas, the de facto #1 at the DE opposite Heyward was Brian Arnfeldt*shudder*

    Enter DaQuan Jones. Guy has pretty much the prototypical skill set for a LeBeau 5-tech(albeit, in a bit bigger than usual package). He has heavy, violent hands, and is bull when it comes to setting the edge. He destroys running plays. Copious strength and has enough wiggle/technique to collapse the pocket when asked, particularly as an interior player. Can easily see him slotting in as a starting 5-tech at LDE and sliding inside to play one of the DT spots in subs.

    4.118- Justin Ellis, NG, La. Tech:Contemplated Ellis in three, but felt more strongly about Jones. Wound up being able to land both.

    Ellis has the body of a zero-tech, but has suprising quickness for a guy his shape. He can absolutely drop anchor vs. the run and can command doubles, but he doesn't consistently beat them....hence why he's a 4th rounder and not a 1st/2nd. May wind up as a "situational only" player, but for a team needing to improve their defense vs. run, there are worse things to go after in the middle of round four.

    5.157- Morgan Breslin, OLB, Southern California:The Steelers need more playmakers. All Breslin does when he's healthy is seemingly get sacks and make plays in the backfield. Knows how to play with leverage. He's coming off a hip injury, but going back over his past 18 or so games he was averaging a sack per game and another couple TFLs.

    He's played LB and DE for the Trojans, but he's a downhill player so I expect he will need some work in space, but he knows how to get after the ball.

    5.173- Ethan Westbrooks, OLB, West Texas A&M:As with Breslin, Westbrooks just knows how to get after the football. Bigger and stronger though, so he's probably built more for the strong side. Raw and plays like his hair is on fire so he's going to need a strong position coach to harness that ability. Butler's done this before with these types(Porter, Harrison, et al) so I'm willing to play the odds here.

    6.192- Ross Cockrell, CB, Duke:The Steelers need more takeaway threats in the defensive backfield. Cockrell has been one.

    6.215- LaDarius Perkins, RB, Mississippi St.:I remember his Junior year, and it showed what he's truly capable of. He's a do-it-all, fireplug type that should be a nice COP back. He can run inside and out, has a second gear once he gets into the secondary, can catch a little and is a pretty good blocker. Has also looked decent returning kicks and punts.

    7.230- Brock Coyle, ILB, Montana: Extremely athletic, intelligent, high-intensity type who may wind up one of those guys that outplays his draft slot by a pretty big margin....or wash out of the league in a couple years. If nothing else, he should make a decent depth player on the inside, is experienced in coverage and should be a b@#$h on teams.

    Undrafted Rookie Free Agents:
    Devon Kennard, USC, LB: Has played both inside and out(also DE, if memory serves) as a 3-4 LB. Good blitzer. Flashes ability to stack/shed
    Senorise Perry, Louisville, RB: Pretty good all-around runner. Good receiver. Has returned kicks and punts. Coming off injury/committee situation that limited his overall productivity.
    Zach Fulton, Tennessee, OG: Can probably play either G spot. Has also played C.
    Mo Alexander, Utah St., S: Big, athletic S who could develop into a "heavy nickle" slot type that plays closer to the line of scrimmage. Good tackler and will probably project pretty well on teams.
    Blake Annen, Cincinnati, TE: Athletic move TE/H-Back. Blazing fast for his size.

    Garrett Gilbert, SMU, QB:Steelers are going to bring in a camp arm. So one's as good as another.
    Derrell Johnson, ECU, LB:Big, durable, outside rusher that can set the edge.
    Benny Fowler, Michigan St., WR:Strong, good leaper and has flashed productivity after the catch.
    Charles Siddoway, Mississippi St., OL:Potential swing-type. Made the selection before he got dinged for burglary a few days ago, so quite sure Pittsburgh won't touch him now.
    Charles Sawyer, Ole Miss, DB:Projects as a nickle CB/FS.
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    I'd be totally fine with this. I'm not quite as high on Jones as you are (think he's abysmally slow of the ball) and would rather take a shot on Hart or Urban (although he seems pretty fragile), but I wouldn't be too upset with the pick. Hard to critique the two OLB as I don't know much about them and I don't know what else was available. Love Cockrell in the 6th. I put it at about 50/50 that he ends up a Steeler on day 3. I think they love him.

    If Steelers did this, I'd go B+/A-.

    I will say one thing....that is going to be a seriously long wait from 46 to 97. Lot of good players coming off the board during that stretch.

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    I will say one thing....that is going to be a seriously long wait from 46 to 97. Lot of good players coming off the board during that stretch.
    It was, and they did. Was rough to watch targets keep getting sniped.

    I almost drafted Urban as a third DL with the compensatory in five, but talked myself out of it with two of them already drafted. As you say, he's been very brittle. Pretty much what made me shy away again.
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    As a Patriots fan, I would hate that draft for the Steelers.
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    That would be a really good draft. I haven't checked out the complete draft to know who was available at each pick (ex.: was a comparable CB or ILB available when you picked one of the OLBs, was a versatile O-lineman available in the late rounds, etc.), but that haul would be a very good one.
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    I drafted Urban for the Ravens. Thumbs down to me.

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    Good draft and I wouldn't be at all surprised if the first couple rounds of the "real" draft looked pretty similar to your picks.

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    Very solid, especially at the top. Dennard, Robinson, Jones would be a great start.
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    What the hell's wrong with you taking Coyle in the 7th.

    Seriously, I would be happy with that playing out next week. After all this wait I can now say next week. I think Ellis is a steal in round four and almost included Breslin in my dream draft in round five as well, he's a kid that's been overlooked but probably not by the people that matter.

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    Good job, ThinMan! I think both of your first picks would play a lot immediately. Cockrell in round 6 is a great pick. The Steelers seem interested in him, too.

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