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Thread: 7 round mock

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    7 round mock

    Here’s one of the other 2 KFFL annual drafts (still wrapping up, but the Bear picks are done).
    My ‘performance’ wasn’t great, but I’m putting it here to give you more info and thoughts on how the draft might go, not in search of applause.

    1-14)Louis Nix, DT, Notre Dame
    2-51)Terrence Brooks, S, Florida State
    3-82)Jaylen Watkins, CB, Florida
    4-117)Robert Herron, WR, Wyoming
    5-156)Andre Williams, RB, Boston College
    6-183)Tom Hornsey, P, Memphis
    6-191)Kevin Pierre-Louis, OLB, Boston College

    In R1, Gilbert and Donald are the only picks that really excite me.
    Dix and Pryor are terrible value, IMO.
    Failing the first 2, I’d like Nix or a trade down. Since I didn’t have time to engineer a trade, Nix was an easy choice for me.
    Some rumors have the Bears dead set on Donald (who I figure only about 60% likely to be there).
    4/3: There would be "panic" in the Bears' warm room if Aaron Donald is off the board, according to Todd McShay.
    3/3: "After the combine we said teams late in the first round would have to start giving the Pittsburgh lineman consideration but recent rumblings have the Chicago Bears very interested in his services with the 14th pick of round one." - Tony Pauline
    2/24: "Draft could start for #Bears at defensive tackle. Pitt's Aaron Donald ran unofficial 4.65 40-yd dash this morning." - Brad Biggs, Chicago Tribune
    Although there’s also one about Barr that is utterly baffling. Another guy who ought to be a 34OLB playing DE, when we’re 3 deep at DE already? Or is the theory that they’d spend a 14 looking for the next Bryan Cox?
    3/7: Anthony Barr is considered a strong option for the Bears at No. 14, according to Dan Pompei.
    In rounds 2+3, I think it’s prime time to work on the defensive backfield. However, there’s a huge dead spot in safeties between Dix/Pryor and the next batch. And the value corners were all gone by the time 51 rolled around. Again, I didn’t have time to work trades – and I really didn’t see any exciting BPAs that we could use either. So I chose to reach about 20 spots for a FS, on the belief that there’d be better corners left in R3 than FSs.
    I was right on that count in snagging Watkins in 3.

    In 4/5 I was targeting 3 things: backup RB, LB, and slot receiver. I’d forgotten about the little CFL dude Trestman imported. Although I’m not totally sold on him, I might have grabbed Kirksey at LB in 4, instead, if I had.
    In R5, I missed my pick and it was taken for me – but it wound up surprisingly accurate. LB was picked pretty clean by then, so I would have taken a RB there, myself.

    In R6, I was definitely committed to taking a P (although, if I had time, I might have traded down and waited a little later for it). Even though Butthead’s kid is a nice feel-good story and all, the fact is his 2013 was statistically very similar to the one that got Podlesh chased out of town. So, I got first crack at that, although there really doesn’t seem to be one stand out guy at the position this year.

    After that, there truly wasn’t any place on the roster I felt like a late-rounder was likely to make it. I took a LB with physical ability and some upside and called it a draft.
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    i'm not much of a Nix nor a Brooks fan, but the rest of your draft would be more than fine with me — i actually like all five of those players.
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    Although most probably wouldn't be happy with the value of Nix, I'd be happy if we drafted him.
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