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Thread: BR's top 50 DEs

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    Post BR's top 50 DEs

    Here's where guys we are familiar with are ranked. Current Bears in blue.

    50. Shea McClellan... There's just something fitting about his being last on their list.
    Followed by...
    49. Corey Wootton... Unfair grade, since he played mostly inside.
    And a couple more steps up...
    46. David Bass... OK, I can buy that...
    31. Israel Idonije... Of course, 31st still isn't starter quality
    16. Jared Allen... I think this is a bit low for him.

    15. Julius Peppers... Probably about right.
    10. Willie Young... Shocker.
    6. Lamarr Houston... I might put Allen up here.

    So according to BR (which may be a bit sketchy), we have 3 of the top 16 NFL DEs. That sure sounds good, doesn't it?
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    If the continue to perform at the top 15 level what a difference that will make. Not sure exactly how they quantified their rankings.

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    you may want to point out that this is for 4-3 DE's so a lot of players are not on that list. I was wondering how Willie Young got rated so high!

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