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Thread: Peanut is back!

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    Peanut is one of those guys you want retired as a Bear. Now draft him an understudy!

    Speaking of draft... I don't feel like we should be desperate at any position with this. Now its best defensive player available regardless of position.

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    So dang happy right now!

    Also brings the much needed leadership to the team.
    Basic, yes, but it was something we rarely saw under former Bears coordinator Ron Turner. Turner's idea of in-game adjustments involved his boxer shorts. -Rick Morrissey.

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    Dur. He left Tampa without a contract. At that point I knew he was likely coming back.

    He is still an elite corner. A turnover causing machine. The only risk is his injury and age. However he has the type of non pure speed dependent corner skill that often lends to success well into the 30s.
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    i think Lovie already forgot who he was, so he returned to Chitown.
    Slightly better Jay, different day

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