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Thread: It's FRIDAY!

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    It's FRIDAY!


    Tonight: 60th birthday party for a friend of mine. He's renting out the pool room in his building. Yes, a pool party at our age.

    Tomorrow: Scrubdown commences, then a friend's concert.

    Sunday: Scrubdown continues.
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    Tonight: Going to relax at home with just myself and the dogs (GF and her daughter are having a girls night at her place). I'll probably order sushi and fire up some Madden for the evening.

    Tomorrow: Maybe hit the farmer's market in the morning then go pick up duck/goose decoys in the afternoon. Maybe BBQ in the evening as it's supposed to be about 77 degrees tomorrow.

    Sunday: Clean up around the house, water lawns, and get caught up on some other chores.

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    Friday - Taking the kids to my mom and dad's for a sleepover tonight. Looking at a car while I'm down there. Picking the wife up from work, then using some of these gift cards we've been collecting for a couple years now and will probably do dinner and a movie.

    Saturday - Picking the kids up. Possibly scrapping my old truck and looking at another car. Not much else.

    Sunday - Directv man comes out yet again to try to fix this on-going signal problem (been on and off for about 6 months... horrible.)
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    Tonight: Pack

    Tomorrow: Fly to Disney World with wife, in-laws, parents and our 3-year-old son, his first trip. Staying till next Saturday.
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    Tonight: Dinner at Mesa then probably just watching a little Olympics. I should go to bed early, but I'm on a 4am schedule that will hard to break.

    Saturday: Ms. Monkey has a race with the dog in the morning, then we zip over to Arlington for part 1 of our Oscar film marathon. I think we're watching five of the nominees tomorrow and four the next weekend.

    Sunday: Church. Going away party for my co-pastor. At some point I'll need to clean, shop, and cook for that, but I have no idea when. We're doing an avocado bar and I'd like to do a shrimp salad and a tuna tartare, but I just don't know if it will happen. Maybe I'll just do mimosas and let others bring the fillings. Seems like we have something in the evening, too, but I'm not sure.
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    Fri: Wifey is home today from work and scrubbing down the place! Woot! Me? Finish work....walk dog...go out for dinner with wifey. Then we have guests coming from L.A. for the weekend...they will be here around midnight...I gotta stay up late :-(.

    Sat: Walk dog as usual...then try to see if I can't sneak in some surfing at 6AM before my guests wake up.....LOL...if not...I'll surf on Sunday. Spend most of the day showing our guests around San Diego...probably have lunch somewhere nice.... Walk dog in PM.

    Sun: Walk dog...then SURFING damn it!!! Really picking it up now...surfed my first front side wave face last week....damn...I love it!!!
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