I recently just took over commissionership of an ESPN Roto 7x7 Keeper League (15 keepers) and 14 teams that been around for many years. Currently, I am feverishly looking for some replacement owners.

We need to fill teams with good and dedicated owners ASAP as the keeper deadline is a little more than a week and a half away (I will extend it if need be to give new owners time to discus . So every team will have a little bit of weakness.

The teams are below (check the links) first come first served. Each of these teams has prospects, available upon request. Rules also available upon request or by checking the settings when you view the teams. Prospect and drafting rules are available upon request.

Team 1 - Heavy Veteran Laden - highlights are Soriano, Brown, Belt, and Segura and on pitching a plethora of solid, but not spectacular veteran arms - team is built to compete right now...could use some trading to get some younger talent for the future, hard to tell if this is a team that should do a complete rebuild or one to push all in with, needs some work, but has some good veteran pieces to build around.
http://games.espn.go... ... sonId=2014

Team 2 - This team has great offense, lacks great pitching depth but does have a few quality arms, can be a contender if a few trades and smart drafting of pitching happens.
http://games.espn.go... ... sonId=2014

Team 4 - Team has great infield and infield depth, plus a few aces (Greinke, Verlander, and two closers. Needs just a little bit of work maybe acquiring a good OF or two and some SP depth which is badly needed. This can be addressed in the draft rather easily. Definitely a contender with a good GM.
http://games.espn.go... ... sonId=2014

Send your application with F/L name, background and email address to bravesfanmt1@gmail.com

Matt Talbert
LM of 7th Inning Stretch