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    Billy Goat Trampoline

    Video half way down - King Bill of the Hill.

    These Billy Goats are no joke, Mates. I once went to a junk yard for a part back in the day. Joe running the place didn't tell me he had Billy Goats for 'guard dogs' - they're cheaper, all you gotta do is water 'em and feed 'em a little - they eat grasses and tree bark, whatever.

    But they are mean as a Mastiff with his nuts in a sling. I got my head under the hood trying to remove a part with a torque wrench and I hear this gruffing coming my way. I put down the hood to see what's-what and it's a Billy Goat on the roof with two - either side of the car. I put the hood back up quick or I'd have been gored, then growled them to a Mexican Standoff with the torque wrench in hand.

    The Joe who ran it came out - laughing, forgot to put 'em away. I told him to get the part off himself. They may look playful but don't be fooled.

    This lady in the comments has met some: Mickey, Snarkysville, United States, 9 minutes ago

    you have never met a real goat then! they are mean little creatures! and will eat anything including your clothes!
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