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    Stink - One of My All Time Favorites

    Great article surrounding the Martin/Incognito fiasco.

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    Thanks George - beat me to it. Wonderful locker room account from Stink.

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    That was a great article, thanks SS

    Mark Schlereth is a guy of high character and someone I admire - he's a winner and mensch ...

    Looking at a guy like Incognito - I don't mean this the wrong way, but he barely looks human anymore - he looks more like something out of the film Pan's Labyrinth .. and Schlereth's quote:

    It can be done -- through focus, effort and discipline, not through unbridled rage and hair-trigger emotional outbursts.

    Makes me wonder how bad the problem of HGH, Rittalin, etc actually has become .

    In no way am I taking responsibility away from Incognito, however, the coaches, doctors and the hypocrisy of Roger Goodell are right up there as far as blame ...

    The Dolphins are an absolute mess, from the top down
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    I must of skimmed it ..I still see nothing..

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