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Thread: Carpe Carpem!!

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    Carpe Carpem!!

    An Osprey picks up lunch at the pond:
    Gang Way!

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    Cool ass pics. I hear those Ospreys are no joke though I guess that can be said for numerous birds of prey.
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    I didn't get any pictures, but about 5-6 years ago my at the time wife and I went to her parents cabin in the woods right on a river. At the time I was struggling with my super arthritis outbreak and so stayed behind while all of them and the kids went canoeing down the river.

    I was on the back deck which sat about 20 feet from the river and about 10 feet above it on a high bank. The river was maybe 30 feet across. I was reading so didn't see it swoop down, just heard the loud splash and looked up. A bald eagle rose out of the river a couple yards up stream and was almost exactly eye level as it passed me right in the middle of the river. It was probably 40 feet away, but those things are so huge with wings spread. It felt like i could have just reached out and touched it.

    Really a magic feeling. Much better fishers than we are too.

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    Thanks for posting, RA.

    The fish looks like it's saying Oh ....!
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