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    Dominate the region- PSU's Franklin

    Yeah... Hes doing it. Lol

    Holy crap hack is gonna have ncaa shattering numbers with these weapons.

    Word is psu also is 1 or 2 on five star recruit LT Damien Prince's list with psu and maryland a toss up with UF being 3rd.

    Very impressive in a months worth of work by franklin.
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    It doesn't really surprise me that kids are willing to go to PSU. That program is probably cleaner than most about now, and they'll get a chance to plug n' play.

    Not a bad education there, either.

    I really think that... Paterno built a good, solid foundation there. He just got to a point where both power, age and the 'cult of personality' combined to throw him off his better judgment. Even a man like that can be pushed by fear of losing what he has into doing things he'd never otherwise do and/or deeply regret.
    It's been said that such things could happen to any of us, but I think it takes a special breed to want to rise to the level of a Paterno - and not all those traits are good ones at the end of the day. All it needs is the right brew to eventually boil over. Who knows, tho, maybe it boiling over paved the way for Paterno to pay for his sins here before he left, which is always better than later. Some say he went Straight to Hell - maybe so, I don't know - but I figure the ones who DIE WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT are in worse shape. Not for me to say but I seriously doubt Paterno intended for that to happen - he just didn't understand it and didn't want to, when he damn well should have on both counts.

    It's too bad he didn't retire when this thing first burst, but it's good that he's gone now and PSU can rebuild things better with safeguards built in so it doesn't happen again.
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    Can't wait til Wednesday!

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