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    Champ Bailey.

    John Elway's very first move in charge of the Denver Broncos was to sign Champ Bailey to a long term deal. Bailey has been worth the money, but he is so well liked by his teammates - it sent them a message the good and loyal play for the Broncos will be rewarded under Elway. Here is Champ's shot at the Super Bowl and you can tell - the game mean something more for the guys who play and have played with Champ Bailey - that's a motivation that has got to help with the effort. He is really one of the great stories of this game.

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    Great observations.

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    I did not know Dawkins and Bailey was so close .. kind of cool .

    Elway has spent but he has been also very frugal.

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    I think the notable players Elway has let go - McGahee, Dumervil and DJ Williams - have all been great moves ... Letting McGahee go was my favorite, as it seemed that McGahee just didn't fit with the mindset of going all-out and giving 110% ( not to mention that once he was gone, that opened the door for Knowshon )
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