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    It's FRIDAY!!!!!


    Tonight: "Leaving New York" party for a friend of mine in Brooklyn. Always sad to see them go.

    Tomorrow: Recording a song a buddy of mine wrote and we performed a year ago. "Rosemary, Pale White Flour."

    It's a Martha Stewart cookie recipe, set to music. The bass line sings the recipe, while the tenor line picks out words here and there that could be taken in a completely different context: "18 to 20", "soft", "cool on sheets". Then a birthday gathering for one of our fellow basses.

    Sunday: I dunno, actually. There's no football. I feel...empty inside.
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    Tonight: BBQ at the house. Friend is in from out of town to duck hunt this weekend (last weekend). We'll have some people over, crack open a couple bottles of wine, and cook. Menu tonight is rotissiere leg of lamb rubbed with olive oil, rosemary, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, salt, various herbs, and stuffed with garlic. Paired with roasted potatoes, parsnips, and carrots. Suck on that, 'merica!

    Tomorrow: Duck hunt in the morning (probably hungover). Poker with some friends at 3pm, then a chill evening.

    Sunday: No plans yet. Probably chill with the girlfriend and devise a yummy menu for evening. Then mentally prepare for another week of work (i.e. drinking).

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    So both you guys are planning to use Rosemary this weekend?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim in NYC View Post
    Tonight: "Leaving New York" party for a friend of mine in Brooklyn. Always sad to see them go.
    Is he moving to Canada?

    I expect another weekend that's like the regular week, only with fewer interruptions and more writing.
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    Fri: Posting on NST and wifey is home now! We're off to dinner...I need a good beer. Then sleep.

    Sat: Surf! And do whatever wifey wants (Honey Dew Day).

    Sun: I don't football...what do people do on Sundays?
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