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    The End of Conjugal Visits

    ...because of costs and too many resulting babies.

    -Visits were started as a way of prisoner control; warden believed allowing sex would be incentive to make the black inmates/cheap labor work harder.
    -Today only 5 states (Mississippi, NY, CA, WA, NM) have active programs.
    -Cali and NY allow same-sex partners to participate.
    -Visits last 24hrs to 3 days.

    Just so you know.
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    The term 'jail bait' comes to mind, but to my knowledge that traditionally refers to an underage female.
    Gang Way!

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    3 day Conjugal visits?

    Whatever happened to crime and punishment?

    ****, maybe I should get bills to pay...and 3 days of sex whenever you need it....what's not to like?
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    Red face

    I'm a free man and I haven't had a conjugal visit in 6 months.

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    Well that decides it, I am now definitely not going to prison.
    "We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be."
    -Kurt Vonnegut "Mother Night"

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