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    Quote Originally Posted by Underdog View Post
    Not saying he would...just responding to the notion that nobody would sign Vick as a backup due to the dog baggage now, when in point of fact it's already been done before. When the issue was a LOT fresher in peoples' minds. And he hadn't played a snap in 2 years.
    Yeah, that's true. I think he was the only one though. Weren't the Eagles the only team in the league to put in a waiver claim for Vick once he was reinstated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglesnut View Post
    Ummm, no. That is demented. Should we call you a hetero because you fcked chicks in your past?
    Let's see, who you had sex with is a little different than killing dogs for fun and profit. He obviously won't do it again because of money, that is the only thing that's changed, he is playing nice to save his career.

    But I guarantee you if he hadn't been caught, he would still be doing it to this day.
    "I rooted for the Russians in 1980 because they were the better team." - Twolvesguy

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