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    I think one of the biggest mistakes this year Trestman and Co did with our defense was switching Corey Wooton to DT.
    I felt Wooton was really starting to hit his stride and poised for a great year at DE.
    He is unquestionably a much better DE than Shea and the fact that Shea started over him and he was stuck at DT shows why our Defense sucked so much this year.
    Well, I think the Bears were out of options at DT....Paea was hurt for a brief period, Melton and Collins were already out for the year. They brought in Cohen and then Ratliff. But by the time Ratliff was signed he couldn't get on the field right away so the only other logical choice was Wootton.
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    Unquestionably is not a big enough word. I might go with Absolutelypositivelynofreakingdoubtaboutit-ly.
    Wouldn't it be great if we booted the 200 lawyers from the House and Senate and replaced them with economists? That way, we'd stop harming our economy with laws that would apply to the politicians, too.

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