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    He was answering a question. It would be in everybody's best interest to rework the deal and lower his cap, and give him a few more $$ guaranteed. not a big deal. We don't want to subtract him, but add to him with a more talented complimentary WR mate.

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    You dont want to add more bonus proration to 2015+. Makes it much harder to release/trade him if you want to...and we may want to. We dont need to sacrifice future years to save money now. Too many other guys contracts will be coming up. Most notably ...Nick Foles.

    Only way I give him anything more is in 2014 as in RB....and I wouldnt even do that. TOO SOON.

    he has a 2nd HUGE year in 2014..then we can talk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EaglesKickA## View Post
    Is this Joe Banner? This is the response he would come with...
    When it came to keeping the books, Banner couldn't be beat. If they wish to lower the cap hit fine, but i ain't losing sleep over it.

    If he shows up to camp, he gets paid. It's that simple. Where/when is he a threat to get cut?
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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglesnut View Post
    Same. I've generally thought Reuben to be one of the better ones. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention.

    Yea, he is going in the shark tank with the rest of those clowns.
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    I hope calmer heads prevail. Fact is, Djax is a "HUGE" part of what makes this offense work. The guy had an incredible year this year. WE need him playing to this caliber every year. We also need to get an elite WR on the other side of him as well. But Djax is a big reason that Cooper had a good season also. Defense plan against Djax - they do "NOT" plan against Cooper or Maclin. He is simply taking advantage of a good situation he is in - having had a great year. Most players will do that because they have a limited shelf life, and in the end, it is always about THEM - not just the team. Don't mistake thinking the players have the same loyalty to the team that we do as fans. The team will get rid of a player, even in the middle of a contact, if it benefits them as well. That's the ugly business side of the game that a lot of fans ignore.

    All of that said, Djax just got a new contact, and he is basically earning the money he has been paid. So I do not agree with Djax getting a new contract. I did think TO had overplayed his contract, and took less due to the off-season situation he was in. Djax is in a different situation.

    THAT SAID... I think it's a mistake to just ignore him and force him to play bittered. I do think negotiations need to be done, and that this can be put on Djax. That is the beauty of incentive laiden contracts.

    Give him the option between guaranteed money where the team doesn't bitch when he doesn't live up to the money he was paid or when he gets injured. "OR" you want more money - sure - we will do that - as long as you are fine putting it into an incentive laiden terms so that when you do "NOT" perform, you do "NOT" get paid what you are right now as well. I have NO PROBLEM paying Djax more on an incentive laiden situation. And if he can't agree to that - then he doesn't believe in himself, and you shut the kid right up.

    But just a knee slap reaction of getting rid of him is a major mistake that hurts the eagles more than it does hurting Djax.

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    From a purely business point of view it's not all that hard to see this as a shrewd calculated risk by D-Jax. He's not getting any younger, and he's not easy to replace on what will likely be a contending team. If he puts up a gripe his trade value DECREASES (for Philly, but that doesn't mean his new team won't accommodate him to make him a happy camper). Meanwhile other Philly players look at his contract versus other Top 10 WR's and see that he has a beef. If he gets what he wants the other players feel they too will be fairly compensated when their time comes, and they play hard to prove themselves worthy of it.

    Pitt would tell D-Jax to go fly a kite, but then Pitt missed the playoffs this year due to some kicker out in San Diego who is still playing while Pitt is couch surfing.
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