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Could be (and it probably does). But the fact that Jay's deal is front loaded also means they can just backload other deals, and have a net-constant salary attribution. Most FA deals are backloaded. We've been the exception in that we rarely substantially backload deals (even Peppers had pretty high base salaries his first few years).
Sure; I kinda wonder if Jennings' contract doesn't give us some relief in the first couple of years.

But if memory serves, Peppers' contract, while structured differently, was the sort of don't-let-him-leave-town deal that Buffalo threw at Mario Williams. No pretense, just a simple admission that the team has big needs, no leverage, and plenty of money. In Buffalo's case, here's a guarantee of $40 million over the next two years, and wouldn't you like to know the name of a good realtor?

Greg Hardy and Michael Johnson don't have quite the hype behind them that Peppers and even Williams did, but they're the marquee pass-rushers this FA season, and since they know it, I imagine that they'll be angling for as much upfront/early-years guaranteed money as they can get. That's what had me thinking about buy-low guys: their interests are likelier to line up with ours, and after Cutler's contract, we're under increased (if still light) constraints to push money down the line a bit.