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    I'm crazy and need some help

    I don't see us winning this game in Philly. I just don't. I don't think they'll blow us out. In fact, I think it could be a Redskins game-esque track meet. But I don't feel positive about the outcome. Here's why:

    1. We're on the road. Our road record isn't horrible (3-4), but it's a negative factor.
    2. Philly isn't desperate, but they have to keep winning to ensure that they win the division. They also can move up in the wild card race if they keep winning and other teams lose.
    3. Here's the crazy part... We've won 2 straight. I just don't see this team winning 3 straight with this defense right now. It's not like anything significant has changed. (Jeremiah Ratliff hasn't persuaded me.)

    Since we started 3-0 and the injuries set in over that time, we have not managed back to back wins until this past week. In that same time frame, of the teams we've played with 8-6 or better records we're 1-1, only winning a home squeaker against Baltimore and losing to the Saints at home.

    You can argue that winning 2 straight gives us some momentum. But I tend to discount that thinking, since teams lose all the time in those scenarios. The thing that does give me more hope is that Philly has a losing record at home, which mitigates argument 1 above.

    Help me out guys. Why are we more likely to win today than lose?
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    We're more likely to win today than to lose because Trestman is going to have this offense focused and rolling early. Were going to score early and often and in doing so, force the Eagles into a one dimensional passing game where we can hold them to a few three and outs. We're going to keep our heels on their throats right into the fourth quarter and then we're going to run Forte and Bush and maintain possession.

    The only thing that's going to beat us today is if we lose the turn over battle.

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    Jay throws for 8 touchdowns & we win.

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