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    Twitter stupidity

    Worst Twitter feed ever, especially when we realize the owner is a PR professional.

    Quote Originally Posted by @JustineSacco
    Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!
    Her account has now been deleted. So, I imagine, have some of her employment and/or client relationships.
    APF doesn't come in screaming at others about how stupid they are. APF doesn't spam NST with the same tired topic 30 times a month. APF doesn't link to some kook in his mom's basement telling you how to, "Be afraid. Be very afraid" of the world falling down around you. And, when APF is proven wrong, he acknowledges he made a mistake and moves on, rather than harping about "sheeple."

    -- Cory Bonini

    Welchie summarized

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    Yeah. What an incredibly stupid thing to say.
    The trouble with the world today is the intelligent people are full of doubt and the dumb people are full of confidence - Charles Bukowski

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    Some of them are actually funny, though..

    "Someone get the rape kit ready for Tom Brady. Go Giants!"

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