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    Bronco's NFL Records - on the line for the remainder of the season

    Passing yards gained
    Peyton Manning is currently at 4,811, putting him a couple good games away from breaking Drew Breesís record of 5,476, set in 2011.

    Manning looks pretty good to break this record - better than 50/50 baring injury

    Most touchdown passes
    Peyton Manning has 47 so far this season. Tom Bradyís record is 50, set in 2007.

    Again - barring injury - Peyton Manning should be a lock for this record

    Most 400-yard passing games
    Peyton Manning has three so far this season. Dan Marinoís record is four, set in 1984.

    Manning can certainly tie - this record, but I don't think he gets there

    Most 300-yard passing games
    Peyton Manning has 11 so far this season. Drew Breesís record is 13, set in 2011.

    I'd say tying this record is a pretty good bet for Manning

    Most games, four or more touchdown passes
    Peyton Manning has already broken this record, with seven such games this season. The previous record was six, set by Dan Marino in 1984 and tied by Manning in 2004.

    Record set - may get another 4 TD game in the last two

    Most kicking points after touchdown
    Broncos kicker Matt Prater is 67-for-67 this season. Stephen Gostkowski went 74-for-74 in 2007, setting the records for most extra points, most extra points attempted, and most extra points without a miss. Prater has a chance at all of those records.

    Prater has a very decent shot at this record as the Broncos average 4 plus TDs per game

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    is there some record with 10 TD's and amout of players.. .

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    I will preface this question acknowledging fully how it may sound - but - I can't recall a season in which I've see so many pass plays called from inside the 3 yard line ...

    It's easy to attribute to the RBs putting the ball on the ground ( even though Moreno hasn't fumbled all season ), but I am wondering it anyone else thinks Manning is going for the TD record, which explains all the throws from so close ...

    ( yes, I do expect to hear crickets :)

    But hey, I'm not complaining, just observing
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    Manning goes into each play with at least 2 options, and he'll audible to another play if it suits the defense. I didn't take it as complaining for once Lucas ;), just saying that the run inside the 3 is usually the obvious choice for most teams. However they get it in works for me. :)
    There is a time to laugh and a time not to laugh, and this is not one of them.

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    I prefer the ball in the most talented players hands whether at our own 20 or the opposition's three. And that would be PM.

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