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    Pass Interference

    I get upset with the excessive pass interference calls that are prevalent in todays game. Many of the calls result in 60 or so yards of penalty. That's excessive, even absurd. No on the field action deserves a 60 yard penalty (OK, maybe shooting a referee).

    Teams are all doing it. Throw a Hail Mary that has a low probability of completion and hope a kind ref will judge the slight touch of the DB on the receiver will draw a flag. These calls are having major impacts, not only on the individual games, but also on the playoff positioning (Pats/Browns game anyone?).

    Solutions? I don't know - maybe a two type penalty - 15 yards/1st down for "incidental contact" and spot of the foul for a mugging, with the latter call requiring confirmation review by the upstairs review gurus.

    Or maybe just educate the refs to allow some contact without drawing a flag. But that probably wouldn't obviate the 60 yard penalty.

    Bottom line, to repeat, no action deserves a 6o yard penalty.


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    I agree to a point 60 yards is way to extreme . But IMO the refs are letting way to much contact after 5 yards if that is is the rules . look I am fine with the old rules of jamming all the way down field . the problem is reff and letting something go for one week and not the next. also if you want 5 yards and that is it call it . stop writing rules then ignoring them.

    The Colts game and the first KC game their CB's were not even close to following the NFL rules.
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    I agree with you Tom - and the pass interference penalty has become a crutch for offenses that are being shut down ... I can't recall a time in the past when I have seen so many obvious attempts to draw a flag ( by the QB ) instead of actually trying to complete a pass ...

    And the receivers are actually bailing on their attempts to get to the ball and focusing on drawing a flag - it has taken a lot away from the game for me ..

    What is concerning is the impact this could have for the future of the game - what seems like a ticky tack call today will be considered a mugging down the road ...
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