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I'm skeptical.

Jay's played under a new offensive scheme a number of times in Chicago.
Were the 2nd half of his starts appreciably better than the first half (moreso than by random chance) in those other years?

And even beyond examining those years - in those other years where the team also had a new scheme, in the 2nd half of the year they had more experience in the system and they had continuity at QB.
This year, when McCown took over, the other 10 guys on offense had 7 games more experience in the system than the games when Jay played...but they had the handicap of playing with an unfamiliar QB who hadn't been getting the snaps in preseason or regular season! That's a pretty damn big negative offsetting those 7 games of experience.
Is it a huge negative though? Imo that is one of Mcown's pluses. He doesn't NEED the reps in practice like a non 12 year vet probably would. Sure he'd benefit from them, but learning/absorbing from the bench is what he's mostly done through his career hasn't it?

Just like I wouldn't expect Cutler to come in and make mental mistakes like it was week 1-3. A timing issue or physical rust? yeah i can get behind that he's been off a while. Mentally misfiring at this point in the season? Playing or not he's been there and has zero excuse in my mind. We expected Mcown to do it, why the hell shouldn't Cutler be held to the same accountability that way?

Maybe im just rambling because the the new meds are kicking in, but thats the way I see it.