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    Quote Originally Posted by ItIsWhatItIs View Post
    From here out, just take it game by game. Not expecting a SB run this year, so any wins against teams with winning records is a plus.
    That's the way I'm looking at it.

    Denver? I'm not even thinking about Denver or the top seed. I think there's a bigger chance the Pats drop to the #3 seed than get the #1.
    Home or away, the Pats won't be favored by much, if at all, against anyone in the playoffs. They could easily go out in the first round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItIsWhatItIs View Post
    To be fair to Talib, he held Gordon under 250 yards, something the last two teams couldn't do!
    Heh. And he got 80 of the 150 he did get on one play when both S's bit hard on the run and Gordon just hit the afterburners and ran away from everybody. Dude's just a straight up stud.
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    Take it one game at a time and the Pats get the #2 seed. Also, if this holds true and Denver blows it tomorrow night....Pats could be looking at homefield. Outside chance, yes, but possible.

    I think the AFC is just too weak and the supposed "best" team has a QB who historically has played poorly in bad weather games. Pats are really hurt without Gronk, but never say never. Denver's not a slam dunk. I could see some ball-control offense, bad weather and a couple lucky breaks launching the Pats to the SB.

    Not saying this will happen, but this has been a weird year. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the 5th or 6th seed caught fire.

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