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Thread: Team Needs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Langlier View Post
    Raiders are very open next year. we have a lot of cap room and a lot of guys heading to FA.

    That said major needs are

    1. QB - Pryor and McGloin are backups in the nfl
    2. Pass rushers - DEs and DTs. We've got a couple OLBs with some skill.
    3. Impact offensive weapons - we've got a lot of guys that are ok at WR/TE/RB - but not a lot of impact players. TE we could use a dual threat. RB a pass catching home run type. WR - impact guy that needs to be accounted for
    4 - FS - if charles doesnt come back for another year we've got some ok depth here but could use a guy.

    other positions will heavily depend on FA - Houston and Veldheer should get contracts to return as should Jenkins and porter. Interior OL is a slight concern - but if everyone returns healthy less of one.
    For the sake of updating...

    1. QB: McGloin has shown enough to keep his roster spot. Pryor pretty much talked himself out of a job, though. Seems a good bet that we'll be adding both a veteran presence here as well as an early round rookie.

    2. Edge rusher: Be it a pure 43 DE or a LEO type, this is as glaring a hole as QB. This need is even more pressing given the uncertain future of Lamarr Houston. He's a stated offseason priority of the team, but he doesn't talk like a guy who sees staying put as his priority. Time will tell.

    3. DT: Oakland has no one currently under contract capable of starting at any of our 4 defensive line positions. Obviously, free agency will affect this, and potentially every other, position. But there's no denying the dire nature of the Raiders' D-line situation. If two of our first three picks are defensive linemen, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

    4. CB: The revolving door in Oakland's secondary figures to continue with only DJ Hayden currently under contract and capable of starting. I expect that he'll be joined by two or three free agent additions, and it's even possible that one of those could be Tracy Porter or Mike Jenkins. I like to believe we'll be looking to upgrade, though. As this regime appears to place a premium on the position, a CB on the second day of the draft would not surprise me at all.

    5. WR: Would be higher on the list if not for the fact we do have three warm bodies under contract here who are at least capable of starting...even if they probably shouldn't be. What we don't have is someone who can consistently get open, convert 1st downs and make big plays. I like to ask "It's 3rd & 8 with the game on the line. Who do you go to?" If you have to think before answering, you could probably stand to upgrade. We don't have that guy right now. Streater (the closest thing we have to a dependable receiver), Holmes and Moore all bring something useful to the table, but they would have the chance to truly shine given a legitimate go-to receiver to pull everything together.

    6. TE: Rivera had a nice rookie year as a receiver, but his blocking is pretty bad. He's more in the H-back mold and will never be able to play as an inline TE. If we're going to be the power run oriented offense we expect to be, we'll obviously need a TE capable of assuming some heavy blocking responsibilities. A big, plodding blocking specialist is easy to find. What we need is an every down starter. Someone in that Jason Witten/Heath Miller mold to help get our ground game going and give our QB a reliable outlet, as well as someone who can threaten the seam that's so wide open in today's game. It would be great if Nick Kasa developed into that guy, but we can't exactly wait around hoping that will happen.

    7. OG: I only put guard this low due to positional value. If you watched any Raiders games, you know that we were bleeding to death all year long at LG. The guys at PFF will wear Lucas Nix masks next Halloween. That's how horrifyingly bad he graded out there. At RG, we have the aging and injury prone Mike Brisiel. The only other guys we currently have to address this need are the undrafted Lamar Mady and the seemingly injury prone and disappointing Tony Bergstrom. This is a real problem.

    8. FS: There's mutual interest between the Raiders and Charles Woodson for a reunion, so we can expect that to happen. Depth, and the ever elusive FS of the future, however, are nonexistent. Considering the popularity of 3 safety nickel packages, this is something that needs addressing.

    I can see any of these positions being taken in the first 3 rounds. They each stick out like sore thumbs and need to be addressed in some form or fashion.

    After that, we get more into depth concerns.

    9. OT: I fully expect Jared Veldheer to re-sign and hold down the left side for us. I'm presuming Menelik Watson, with a year under his belt, will be more physically and mentally ready and should be given every opportunity to start at RT. That being said, a backup plan would be nice. We lost both of these guys to injury for an extended period of time and it was rough. We may well bring back Tony Pashos (Another injury prone lineman. Theme?) and Matt McCants as depth, but someone a little stouter would be very useful.

    10. RB: Like Houston and Veldheer, Rashad Jennings is one of McKenzie's stated free agent priorities. Given his success here and the typically lukewarm market for free agent RBs, I don't foresee any problem bringing him back as the presumptive starter. Our next best RB is our starting FB, so you can see the problem here. I would anticipate taking someone on day 3 who can compliment Jennings' power game. Not necessarily a Sproles type, but someone more adept at running outside as well as inside and hitting the homerun.

    11. OLB: Kevin Burnett is in the final year of his deal, and while he was often our best defender, he's not a longterm answer. I don't know if Kaluka Maiava is either, but I'm pretty sure Miles Burris is not. An heir apparent here, perhaps someone of the edge rushing LEO ilk mention earlier, would be in order. Someone who could come in the way Aldon Smith did: Purely a passing down specialist as a rookie before taking over the starting job in year two. We blitz our LBs obscenely often, so that ability is a must for whoever we bring in.

    12. C: There's currently no contingency plan in place should Wisniewski get hurt again. Someone who can do double duty as G/C depth would be outstanding.

    13. Return Specialist: With any luck at all, this will be taken care of when we address our CB, WR & RB woes. But, if not, this is a position that's begging to be addressed.
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    (note : i've been a caller on 3 different shows on NFL radio in the last week. Kirwan, Polian, Gil Brandt.


    Kirwan : 1. OL 2. CB 3. WR
    Polian : 1. CB 2. WR/RB 3. OL
    Brandt 1. WR 2. CB 3. OL
    overhead - Savage - He thinks Reid will go OL.

    Polian went into depth about Sutton's system and that Free Safety was a Need but might not be something where they use a 1st or 2nd round on it. They also thought that Sutton could find a veteran corner to play the position next season and that a rookie playing that role would be a major liability.
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