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Thread: Playoff bracket

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    Playoff bracket

    The division winners are:

    He Hate Me, Hotwings, Thunder Down Under, and Bean Town Falcons.

    He Hate Me and Hotwings win their divisions by virtue of conference record, which is the first tiebreaker.

    The first round byes go to Thunder Down Under and He Hate Me. These were, again, decided by conference record as the division winners in both conferences had the same record.

    The wild card teams are New Jersey Dirty Birds (by conference record over ICU Fear) and Hazzard County rebels.

    The playoff bracket has been set on MFL.

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    Free agency has also ended for all teams that are not in the playoffs.

    Per the rules:
    All free agency will be frozen after the regular season and before the start of the first playoff game for all teams not in the playoffs. These cutoffs for picking up free agents will be at the conclusion of the Monday night game the week that this rule pertains to each team. For non-playoff teams this will be week 13, for playoff teams the Monday that they are eliminated from the playoffs. Playoff bound teams may make acquisitions up to the point they are eliminated from the playoffs. Free agents picked up by playoff teams when the rest of the league is locked out from making pickups may only be signed to one year contracts.

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    10-3 and 1 point away from scoring the most in the league this year and no 1st round bye. I guess I gotta earn it this year and that means beating HCR 2 weeks in a row...

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