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Thread: Did you know?

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    Did you know?

    That after Decker's 4 TDs today that Denver has a legit chance to have 4 WRs with 10 TDs.

    Demaryius Thomas - 10
    Julius Thomas - 10
    Wes Welker - 9
    Eric Decker - 7

    Add that to Moreno's 10 TDs(9 rushing, 1 receiving) and surely that has to be a record.....right?

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    Yeah, really very impressive.

    I think we can get Andre Caldwell going too. Only 9 more. ;)
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    Actually when Wes gets his 10th, Denver will be the first team to ever have 4 players have 10 TDs in the same year. So five is above and beyond...

    Good to have you posting, Ben! Hope your kids are well.

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