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    Just see this small tidbit about the Ben situation in insider's Mike Sando' Blog.

    ""I’ve heard that all year, like quietly that this is his last year and they are going to move on, that they don’t like some of the personal stuff with him off the field," one general manager said after the Roethlisberger story broke last week. "I don’t know enough about him, but I think they might be looking to move on. This is a good year for quarterbacks in the draft. It looks like there are going to be 5-6 guys that, depending on what you are looking for, could have some appeal."

    I rather the GM be named, but even without being named if what he said is true it surprises me. I can understand Ben being tire of dealing with the lack of an offensive line and with an OC he doesn't like, but I wouldn't understand why the team would want to unload him. It says because of some of the personal stuff, but I don't get that as Ben hasn't been causing any problems that I have heard of in some time now.

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    The consistent factor of all of your dissatisfying relationships and failures is you.

    R.W. 09.21.10 I love you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lofaw View Post
    It looks like there are going to be 5-6 guys that, depending on what you are looking for, could have some appeal.
    Come on. You know one of these 5-6 guys is Johnny Manziel- listed by his college as 6'1", 210 lbs meaning he's probably 5'10, 190 and none of them is Andrew Luck. Ben has 2 Super bowl rings and he's 31 years old (2 years older than Rodgers and 5 years younger than Brady). How do you replace him? The next guy brought in is much more likely to be Blaine Gabbert instead of Aaron Rodgers. Look back at a list of all the QB's drafted and think about how many of them are even close to Ben's caliber. There would have to be some pretty serious off field stuff going on for the Steeler's to move on from Ben and they had better get a bonanza of picks because they would very likely be setting themselves up for years of mediocrity.

    When is the last time it was the right move to take the franchise LT over the franchise QB? See dolphins taking Jake Long over Matt Ryan, see Oakland taking Robert Gallery over Rivers or Roethlisberger. Dumping Ben to get draft picks with the idea that this would provide ammunition to fix the tackle spots is crazy. It would be like the Yankees trading Jeter away back in the day so that they could build up the middle relief- doesn't compute. It all revolves around the franchise QB. Yes you have to protect him, but you don't cut loose the franchise so that you can work on protecting what you don't have.....

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