--> 5-3 over the 1st half of the season.
remaining games with comments:
Lions: We need to win this game at all costs. This will set up our bid for the playoffs as Det has a similar schedule to ours.
Ravens: Winnable game at home, their offense is containable and defense isn't as nasty as it once was
Rams: Nasty D line, vs our revamped O line is where the game will be decided. Still a winnable game
Vikings: They've regressed and Peterson looks bad. We will try to make him look like a star again while puling out the W
Cowboys: Toughest game for us as I'm sure they'll remember the schelacking we gave them last time, and Romo should carve us up if not healthy
Browns: Winnable game, Gordon will get his yards, but we shouldn't worry too much about this team
Eagles: Jekyll and Hyde team. Which one shows up determines if we should be worried or not. In Philly makes it harder.
Packers: Hopefully we have Ratliff playing at a peak level and we can neutralize their running game by now, other wise this could be a spoiler game against us.

Bottom line for me:

-We will be getting Ratliff to help our D line soon. How soon is anyone's guess, but it gives me hope that we can plug up our D woes to some degree and go 6-2 down the stretch.
-Again, I believe that the Lions game this week likely decides the division if everything plays out as expected. We lose and we have to win 2 more games than the Lions to take the division down the stretch.
-Lions, Cowboys Eagles and Packers are the games that concern me the most. All are winnable, but we have to win at least two of these 4 to have a realistic shot at playoffs (while taking care of the Ravens, Rams, Vikes and Browns).