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    It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!


    Tonight: seeing a friend of mine in a cabaret performance. She's got a kick ass voice and she really does well on the emote-your-guts-out numbers.

    Tomorrow: Going over the job description for my men's chorus' new artistic director (our current one is retiring effective Monday) with one of the cuter members of the Board. Then a Pride party at a friend's place in Chelsea. I've met, among many others, a well-known commercial actor there.

    Sunday: PRIDE, baby!!!!! Will spend part of the march with the hockey players, then hitting the Pier dance to pour some drinks with the rest of my men's chorus.
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    Thursday night -- rehearsal dinner for niece's wedding. (Actually my wife's niece.) We're not in the wedding, but we're family.
    Friday -- the wedding. Outdoors. Weather forecast is thundershowers with flash flood warnings.
    Saturday -- drive back home, either before or after a cookout.
    After that, work as normal.
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    Tonight: Drinks with a couple of soon-to-be former co-workers who's last day is today. Chill tonight and relax after a very long week.

    Tomorrow: Farmer's market in the morning. Then try to stay out of the heat (supposed to be 104 tomorrow). Tomorrow night I'm going to a friend's first roller derby outing with the gf.

    Sunday: Golf in the morning with a friend visiting from Indiana and some other guys. Then relax in the afternoon near the pool as it's supposed to be 106 Sunday. Probably bbq something for dinner.

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    Tonight: Date night. Probably just dinner and some TV.

    Saturday: Probably yard work during the day. Wine tasting at night: bubbly and Southern food! Oh, I'll have to do some grocery shopping because I'm making mac 'n' cheese and BBQ shrimp.

    Sunday: Church. Maybe lunch. Serving dinner to homeless and hungry people in the afternoon. Oh, I'll have to do some grocery shopping for that, too.
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