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    Aerial surveillance by law enforcement

    4 FBI planes flying nightly over Quincy, MA (a Boston suburb not particularly close to the areas involved in the Marathon bombing).
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    Saw an actual drone a couple weeks ago flying in Riverside County. At first we just thought it was a RC plane, but after we watched it, we realized that it was bigger than your typical RC plane and it was flying a very long distance in a straight line instead of circling like an RC plane would.

    Big brother is watching. Bin Laden is laughing in his watery grave.
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    Live in Quincy (proud home of the John Adams, John Quincy Adams, the first Dunkin Donuts, the first Howard Johnsons and the place where the Craigslist killer got caught) and have not heard anything.

    May have to crack a beer or three and go sit out on the deck.
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    I wonder if one has swooped down and snatched our Cheezey. All these Scandals and he's nowhere to be found. Maybe his head has exploded, or he's having his prolonged joygasm.
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    Good thing Big Brother was watching in Boston.
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    I'm still waiting to see the Democrats running on a platform of reduced federal spending.

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