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Thread: #5 - Who SHOULD the Lions pick?

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    #5 - Who SHOULD the Lions pick?

    1. Chiefs - Luke Joeckel, 27%

    2. Jags - Sharrif Floyd, 53% (vs. Geno Smith in run-off)

    3. Raiders - Geno Smith, 36%

    4. Eagles - Eric Fisher, 100% (vote ended early due to obvious/inevitable consensus)

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    Milliner here is a great pick for Detroit, they would be doing cartwheels.

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    I went Ziggy. They need high end talent at DE to make their system work. They do need some CB help, but they have addressed the secondary a bit this offseason and in the last draft. I wouldn't hate taking Milliner, but I'd rather have Ziggy. Lane Johnson might be my second choice.
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    The peanut gallery....
    Milliner, IMO.

    I don't care about stupid mocks downgrading him...
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    I would go with either Jordan or Milliner, and went with Milliner here because I think they need him more.

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    Other: Tavon Austin, WR West Virginia

    They do have an historic tendency to do so...just saying, but they really need someone opposite Calvin who can make some plays.
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    If the draft falls like this, I'll be hoping they take Ansah/Jordan, but I think they should go Millner.

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    I have been ignoring the draft forum this year, and it's my first trip in here. Not trying to go back and change anything, but i would just point out that The Lions took 2-3 really raw projects at CB last season and called themselves good. This year they have all of those guys back with a year of experience, and resigned Houston as their #1 CB. They need to improve at the position, yes, and this is maybe a baby step forward. But at least they aren't worse at that position. At DE however, they cut VandenBosch. They let Avril walk in FA. They haven't been able to bring back Lawrence Jackson yet. Those were their top 3 guys at DE last year, and the only person they have brought in was Jason Jones who has been playing DT. Not a great fit for a DE in the wide-9 where they like really athletic speed guys.

    I think Ziggy Ansah is kind of the obvious choice personally, with maybe Jordan being a surprise possibility in the Cliff Avril mold. The Lions like a pure speed guy to flash in front of a quarterbacks face, that makes them hesitate and/or step up in the pocket, and the Lions have invested a bunch of money and high draft picks in their DT's. With no edge rush those up the middle DT's are a lot more obsolete.

    It would be more interesting if Joekel or Fischer fell than Milliner, Stafford just threw the ball more times last year than anyone in NFL history. And then had his left tackle retire and his RG and RT disappear too. And they really nly have 1 guy waiting in the wings to replace all 3 of those guys, they are just deciding now which position he should play. A premium LT is as important to this offense as a premium DE is to the defense, so it might be a harder choice. Milliner may be a nice player and at a position that they desperately need to improve. But he isn't an essential part that the whole rest of the team was built around. IMO

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