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    And you thought our government was troubled and divided

    The guy who won the election to be Italy's next prime minister says one would have to be "mentally ill" to want the job.
    The election loser who's holding down the fort as a lame duck says he "can't wait" to get out of the position.
    APF doesn't come in screaming at others about how stupid they are. APF doesn't spam NST with the same tired topic 30 times a month. APF doesn't link to some kook in his mom's basement telling you how to, "Be afraid. Be very afraid" of the world falling down around you. And, when APF is proven wrong, he acknowledges he made a mistake and moves on, rather than harping about "sheeple."

    -- Cory Bonini

    Welchie summarized

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    Berlusconi wasn't even on the ticket and he still got the most votes.

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    So true. Except for the skimming off the top and the sexual harrassment opportunities why would anyone want the job??

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