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    Honest mistake. I omitted him, I guess I was trying to think of his time in OAK and I couldn't remember anything there. My mistake. But to draft Eifert at 20 when they just signed Martellus Bennett and have other bigger needs (OG and every position on defense), I'll definitely pass.
    Unless you want to have a TE heavy offense (which is kinda foolish when you don't have any burners in your WR corps to stretch the field) it's an idea that doesn't make too much sense. I'll agree and go with NO on this idea.
    Wouldn't it be great if we booted the 200 lawyers from the House and Senate and replaced them with economists? That way, we'd stop harming our economy with laws that would apply to the politicians, too.

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    Who in the world would run a CFL offense based heavily on tight ends given the running snap and 11 2/3 yard wider field? (The CFL doesn't even list TE as a category - I really question whoever said Montreal ran 3 TE sets)

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