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    Stuff people failed at smuggling

    ...At least they failed to successfully smuggle (from a link from the Dionne Warrwick thread)

    A cast made of cocaine

    tatas stuffed with cocaine

    meth-filled candybar

    fish under the skirt...

    birds in the pants

    pigeons in the pants

    cocaine diapers
    "Stop doing the wrong things. Stop promoting competition and choice as answers to the very inequality that was created by competition and choice."
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    I've done quite a bit of work for local jewelry manufacturers. One company I worked for provided company cars for the officers. On one occasion, one of them tried to sneak some goods over the border into Canada. (without success) Another officer, who I knew, liked to take his family over the border to Canada to one of the Chinese restaurants in Fort Erie. Ever since that incident, he had to plan ahead and allocate about an hour extra. Every time he tried to cross the border, they put in his plate number, then asked to pull over and COMPLETELY stripped down the car. Seats, hubcaps, everything got taken out and put back. He and his kids probably found it more amusing than his wife did.

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    Heh. Some of those ideas don't seem bad. Others though, good grief.
    I'm your mama, I'm your daddy
    I'm that nigga in the alley
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    I'm your pusherman
    I'm your pusherman

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    Dealin' good for the Man,
    Superfly, here I stand
    Secret stash, heavy bread
    Baddest bitches in the bed

    I'm your pusherman
    I'm your pusherman
    I'm your pusherman

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