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Thread: Joeckel vs. Fisher

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nastradamus View Post
    I get what you mean, but I"m not sure that any of the 4 you have mentioned "struggled". Reiff was always supposed to sit a year, Martin did a pretty good job at RT, Bulaga is very solid but banged up and Decastro tore his ACL after being drafted. He came back and looked pretty good for a guy coming back at the end of his rookie season off a major injury. We'll have to see how he does next year.
    Jeff Saturday raised a good point and said that O-line might be the hardest position to draft because you can't predict what a player's pain threshold will be until their 3-4 year in the NFL.

    Someone mentioned Solder and he went on and said "well he wasn't blocking since he was 11 years old, his body doesn't have the nerve damage or incoming arthritis that most of these guys already have by the time they are in the draft"

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    Quote Originally Posted by dasher View Post
    Joeckel is mean as well. I like his vision on the field. When Manziel got happy feet , he really went to work on some of the SEC DEs.
    Joeckel came from a more complex offense as well.

    The "Boom" of Fisher is Nate Solder.
    The "Boom" of Joeckel is Boselli.

    It seems like JAX is in place to trade their no.1 in 2014 and swap picks for KC's no.1 overall. MIGHT hinge on Albert getting traded for a no.2.
    That is downright absurd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyndham View Post
    That's incredibly disingenuous. Nate Solder? Get outta here, man. If by boom you mean upside, let's not pretend that Fisher doesn't have everything it takes to be the best LT in pro football. I don't think he'd even be in consideration for the pick if that wasn't the case. Elite athleticism, ability to completely shut down speed and bull rushers, and the mean streak and edge to dominate in the running game. That's the upside here. Nate Solder...?
    Bingo. I read Nate Solder and thought -- is that valid? Thinking if you're comparing draftable entities then no way.
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