No Trial Delay for Zim whose lawyers look to milk it for all they can get. If his fund cannot produce more, we might look to them to petition the court/tax payers to ante up for their indigent client.

Georgie sure looks to have PACKED ON THE LBS. I cannot help but wonder if he wasn't popping or snorting something. How could they not have taken toxicology from him on that night? They didn't, as I recall.

Lest anyone forget where we all stand on this one and pending trial facts we may not know, I lean to Zim getting at least voluntary manslaughter (8-12), and although I am not surprised at the second degree murder charge, I think it's a hard sell (20-25) - I'm guessing on the years, but then somehow I figure Zim winds up with something in the neighborhood of 17 years, with reduction for good time from 17 (meaning he'll do about 12).

I don't think he'll get any kind of plea bargain, nor would he take one if he did. His lawyers are stuck with the case, money or not, but it's possible they may not be as diligent without their dough... (then again the publicity alone will spur them to 'show up'. BIG ISSUE is the SYG HEARING, which I figure Zim loses and it goes to trial (SYG law needs to go, IMO).

One last thing, since this is controversial, I'll throw out something controversial. It has been argued that Zim was not initially charged because Martin was black. Then the uproar, then the charges. Now, can it be wondered whether Zim would be charged if Martin was white? As this case unfolded, I don't think so, but I do think this will cause that SYG law to get adapted/dissolved. Any Floridians with an update on that?

Weight, Zim. You want to be hitting the weights right now, not the milkshakes.