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Thread: Official Team Needs Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moriarty View Post

    Bears list has shrunk from "massive" to "maybe manageable"


    We don't have a starting MLB, not much for LB depth nor do we have a starting CB beyond Tillman and Jennings.
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    As expected, or at least very much hoped, the Chiefs needs are significantly different now than they were in December. Unfortunately, it's hard to place some of them due to being uncertain how the new regime plans to do things.


    ILB -- Pro Bowlers at the other 3 spots, but a thumper to play alongside Derrick Johnson is the team's biggest pure need. It pales in value to some other positions, but it's a spot that will get majorly exposed if they don't get a guy to fill it.


    OL -- this one is very hard to categorise. Albert is the LT, Asamoah is a starting OG and after that it's unclear (based on regime change). They have three talented guys in second-rounder Rodney Hudson (college OG, Pioli tried him at center); second-rounder Jeff Allen (college LT, Pioli tried him at OG) and Donald Stephenson (college LT, Pioli had him backup LT and RT, and he played LT when Albert didn't). It's hard for me to say what position they really NEED. They have the bodies to play 5 talented starters, but it'd be very up in the air as to how they'd fit. The assumption is that they need a RT, but that assumes Allen/Hudson can man the OC/OG, and that Stephenson isn't ready to start. I don't know.

    RDE -- Jackson and DeVito are pencilled in as starters right now, and they're decent against the run, but they'll get absolutely nothing out of them on pass plays. The new scheme is 1-gap and aggressive, so I think they need someone to play that. Allen Bailey is a talent but probably not a fit and may be a lost cause. Jackson is a UFA next year as well.


    RB -- pure backup to Charles. Some options there but meh, probably need a better one.


    WR -- again, uncertainty here as we don't know what the regime thinks of Jon Baldwin. And we do know Reid likes Dexter McCluster, 'cept he hasn't been all that good so far. The talent is there with Bowe, Avery, Baldwin and McCluster. But if a WR was sitting there, I don't think they should pass.

    S -- Berry's got one spot down and there's word Dunta Robinson plays the other. But if he doesn't, that leaves Kendrick Lewis, who's a solid 3rd guy, and a weak link starter.

    TE -- they obviously like Fasano, but what do they think of oft-injured Moeaki? IMO they need a real pass-catching threat. But my assumption is that they won't consider this position unless a steal is on the board.

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    WR (This is critical if we let Sanders go to patsies for a 3rd round pick we will need 2 in the draft since Wallace is gone too, Brown is the #2 receiver really)
    RB (This will be dependent on whether we sign Bradshaw and he's healthy, if not we need a starter to carry the load, if we do sign Bradshaw who is a short term answer then it becomes a major need to find our RB of the future to learn for now and rotate in)
    OLB (Woodley and Worilds are the starters for now, but Woodley hasn't be able to stay healthy and Worilds has yet to prove he can be fulltime starters, the backups Carter, Robinson are unknowns, Need a top flight pass rusher to replace Harrison)

    ILB (Timmons is one of the best in the league inside, Foote is an adequate starter but a huge dropoff from when we lost Farrior to retirement before last year, need a starter for the future and depth is mostly STs and Sean Spence who may not make it back from horrendous knee injury)
    SS/FS (We need some youth for the future as Polamalu and Clark are starters now but will need replaced soon enough)
    CB (With loss of K. Lewis we need to add a CB, Taylor and C. Allen will start but Taylor is getting older and our depth Gay/Brown is adequate at best).

    NT (McClendon is good not great and little faith for now Ta'amu and Fanguapo will amount to alot)
    TE (Miller will be back but may miss a game or two early recovering from ACL injury, Paulson, Spaeth, D. Johnson can hold it down till his return but need a young TE for the future soon and not sure Paulson is it)

    DE (Keisel is aging but still solid, Hood/Heyward have to step up, could use some depth and competition to go with Al Woods)
    T (We have the youthful starters with Gilbert/Adams and versatile Beachum but need either a veteran or more competition through the draft)
    G/C (Starters DeCastro, Pouncey and Foster are solid but have no real depth outside Beachum, we could still bring in veteran depth to replace Legursky)

    QB - With Ben as Franchise and Gradkowski as backup need to find a young QB to develop this year or next. I really don't like this QB class at all other than maybe Wilson and Dysert

    We are fine with K, P and LS. Suisham did very well last year, have a good young Punter Butler who is the future and Warren is one of the best in the league as long snapper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by puddycat View Post
    BPA not a QB, OT, OG, TE or DT
    S, LB, RB
    RT, CB
    QB, LB, CB
    Since neither Andre Smith or any other RT was signed in FA, OT needs to be bumped up to major or critical need. Other than that, CB is not a not a depth need, but still a development need.
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