The Dam* Best Fantasy Baseball League (DBFBL) is looking for one replacement owner.

I do not sell teams in my leagues, I sell the league. I find more qualified owners this way, usually the type of owner who knows baseball rather then an owner looking for a quick buck.

The DBFBL is a solid league, 13 owners have been part of the league for at least four years, 75% of the league has been together since inception in 2006.

The DBFBL is a contract dynasty league which has 25 man rosters & 20 man minor league rosters.
DBFBL has a yearly Rule V Draft, Free Agency using league money to bid on players & a player draft of mostly minor league players.

The league runs mainly all year round with a off season owners meeting taking place in October & sometimes in November, then off season activity picking up in January until the start of the season. If you are a hard core fantasy football player where baseball takes a back seat, no need to apply.

This is a strict rules league, penalties do get forced on owners who don't follow the rules!

If interested, do not post here. Email me at, tell me a bit about yourself, name, age, where your from, how long you been playing fantasy baseball & the different type of leagues you had played/playing in, include how you got into baseball, maybe a favorite baseball story ect...

From there I will send the complete rules.