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Thread: Biggs: Rumor mill on promotion of Bears area scouts

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    Biggs: Rumor mill on promotion of Bears area scouts

    per Twitter/

    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Biggs
    From rumor mill on #Bears front office moves. Many personnel men & agents believe #Bears will promote college scout Chris Ballard to pro personnel director. Ballard has covered Southwest & has ties to Lovie Smith from U of Wisconsin. Same observers believe Phil Emery will promote West Coast scout Marty Barrett to director of college scouting. Guess is team has announcements whatever moves are soon. Repeat these are rumors not official. Did report team will hire scout Dwayne Joseph.
    i have to say both of these make some sense. the Bears have gotten some good mileage out of Ballard's area and out of Barrett's region too, recently. IIRC, both were here the last time Emery was with the Bears.
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    I like these moves as well. You have to reward your own and create career paths for those entering the organization. Emery really seems to understand the organizational aspect of making moves like this and the message it sends to others.
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